Holiday Break


Einstein rehearsals in NYC finished and we all took a break for Christmas. I really needed a break. That last week with a full day at school and then rehearsal at night was hard. I was excited to go to my country house upstate and relax with my dog. I am going to miss him while I am gone. I got Legos, an iPod Touch to use on tour, and a cool monster guy that you can build into different things.


Q&A For Kevin

During rehearsals, I was asked to do a question and answer night at the Angelika for my movie that is coming out called, We Need To Talk About Kevin. I play the child Kevin. My friend Ezra who plays the teenage Kevin did it with me. It was really good to see him because he spent a lot of time with me in Connecticut on set. My friend James was in the audience. I was VERY excited to see him. He is an artist. You might know him as De La Vega. He has been my friend for a long time and used to have a gallery around the corner from my apartment.




Real Boy Story: I got stitches for the first time ever. I was playing rugby in gym at school and fell into the metal bleachers. My teacher stayed with me in the nurses office until my parents came to get me. We went to the emergency room and the doctor gave me BLUE stitches! No one can tell that they are there.

Coffee Break


Rehearsals in NYC: Lunch Break and Einstein.

There is a really funny part in the show called the coffee break. The cast gets to eat a cookie or a cracker and drink coffee (it’s not coffee, it’s water) I’m not in that part, but Sue Jane let me eat cookies. Oh, and the funniest part of coffee break is when it’s over. Michelle sneezes and then EVERYONE sneezes! Antoine is Einstein for some of the time and he came today.

It was very exciting to see Einstein. I mean it is called Einstein On The Beach.


My wig for the Trial.

This one is a real barrister wig made of horse hair. It’s very scratchy, so I am going to have one that is a little softer on my head. It’s cool though, right? Luc is in charge of Hair and Makeup. I also met Carlos and Magdelena, they took my measurements and I tried on my Converse sneakers. I get to wear CONVERSE for the whole show!¬†Carlos is making the costumes and I got to see what my costumes are going to look like.


That’s Me

Rehearsals in NYC at the Baryshnikov Center in December.

I had my first rehearsal for the show. I was so nervous. I met Charlie and Ann Christin and Jenni and Sue Jane. I also met a lot of the cast. I had to write my moves down in a notebook, so I don’t forget. There are so many details. I pretty much just rehearsed the part where I am going to be on a tower holding a cube and flying paper airplanes.