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Go Michigan!

Jim is my Tutor in Ann Arbor.

I have to have school for at least three hours a day on weekdays and I am so lucky that I have him.

He loves sports! He loves teaching! And he is from Ann Arbor, so he can show us around. We are having class in a big boardroom at the Glass Building next door to the Power Center. It has nothing to do with Philip Glass, but it is pretty strange.  It also has the Glass Cafe, which has the best food. We have been eating there for breakfast and lunch. The people who work there sneak me a white chocolate hot chocolate that is so delicious!

Anyway, Jim and I have been getting along and as a treat he and his family took me and my Mom to a MICHIGAN BASKETBALL GAME!! It’s probably the most exciting thing that has happened to me here. We sat really close to the court.

I love basketball.

The Football team was there with their trophy- they won the Sugar Bowl. That was exciting.

Jim’s daughter taught me how to do the Michigan cheer. My favorite player was Hardaway Jr.

Michigan WON in a crazy overtime game. I don’t think I will forget that game.


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