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Play and Party

This morning we went to my cousin’s house for brunch. It was fun to play around with other kids. Me and Jesse and Quincy and Noelle (she’s a baby so she really didn’t play that much) played legos and chase and made pizzas. My mom was happy to wash clothes because I was running out of socks.

Tonight we went to a lecture. Bob and Philip talked about writing Einstein. I liked the organ at the theater. It’s a movie theatre but they had the lecture there. Then we walked to the Museum of Art for a party. It was a party for us. I talked to people about what it’s like to do the show. I ate cheese and fruit and about 4 peanut butter cookies with hershey kisses on top. You might not believe this, but I do not eat peanut butter. I used to not like peanut butter, but I am giving it a chance.


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