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Maybe you are wondering what my day is like? If you are, I will let you know.

I wake up at the Campus Inn and walk over to the Glass House Building for school with Jim. Sometimes (most of the time) I ask my mom if we can stop by the Glass House Cafe because I have made friends with the workers there.

Then we do Math and Writing and Science and Immigration. Jim brings a ball to throw in the hall for breaks.

We even took a field trip for Immigration, one day. There is an old German part of town that still has signs and cobblestones. And we went to the Law school because people say it looks like Hagwarts. It REALLY looks like Hogwarts!

After school we go to the theatre, thru the Stage Door.

Then back to rehearsal until Dinner. I usually go back to the hotel after dinner because my day has been long for a kid.

That’s pretty much my day.


One response to “School

  1. Emmy ⋅

    Hope you enjoy yourself…I will miss you while you are gone and think about whether you will understand “perpendicular” when you get back lol!!

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