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Last Night was our first show!

I was so nervous because it was full and I could see everyone from the top of the Tower. I think it went well. I didn’t mess up at all.

I got to take my first bow on stage at the end of the show, which I learned is called the curtain call. People were saying it’s time to take the curtain call and I had no idea what they were talking about, but it was so great. I bowed all by myself. I was not expecting that, but maybe it was because Kate knew it my first show.

After we did all the bows, we went down to the Green Room for a little party. There was a really cool Einstein cake and champagne. I had juice.

Linda, our Producer, gave a great speech and me and Jenny cut the cake.

It was so late, probably the latest I have ever stayed up, but I wasn’t tired at all!!

The next day it was funny because when we opened the refrigerator in the Green Room…


We ate his brain.


One response to “FIRST SHOW!

  1. carole newell ⋅

    i am so very very proud of you!
    love, lala

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