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Dressing Room Time

 I spend a lot of time in my dressing room when I am not on stage.

Sometimes I read or play on my new iPod but sometimes I am too tired to do anything.

I have snacks and water when I need it.

I have Fluffy. I bring him anywhere I travel. He has three eyes.

Sometimes when I have too much energy, we have a dance party. One of my favorite things to do is lip synch to the Chorus.

I do not know how they sing all of that.


One response to “Dressing Room Time

  1. Anushka Carter ⋅

    Hi Jasper!

    So exciting to see all of your wonderful adventures. Have a brilliant time in France and eat lots of yummy treats for all of us back here in NY. We love you lots and send lots of good wishs for a wonderful adventure working on EOB. Xoxo Sash & Zoe and their mum n’ dad.

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