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Einstein in FRANCE!

My Dad took us to meet the cast at the Pomegranate office so we could fly to France for the WORLD PREMIERE. I woke up and was so nervous and so excited. I have never gone out of the country.
The plane we flew to Paris on was huge-it had two levels. I watched movies and played a video game on the screen in front of my seat. I ate a big dinner and then woke up in Paris. We ate breakfast on the plane, but I didn’t eat very much food. Maybe a muffin. I had some orange juice, too.
We got off the plane and had to go thru security about two times, but I finally got my passport stamped for the FIRST TIME! Yeah. It doesn’t say France, but it has an F on it. The first thing I wanted to do was eat a croissant. I told my Dad I would eat a croissant in Paris and I did.
We saw Charles at the airport because he flew in earlier and was waiting for our flight. Actually he was going to take an earlier flight to Montpellier, but missed it. He gave me a card with a Washington DC newspaper review of my movie inside of it.
The second plane we took to Montpellier was not huge. You had to take a bus outside that took you to a plane with a staircase. There was no gate it was just on the runway. At least it wasn’t a long flight. We took a bus to the hotel. Michele and Pat and Brad and some workers from the theater met us outside of the hotel and showed us the way. Michele’s husband flew in to visit her and he was sitting next to us on both planes! We checked into the hotel. I took Fluffy out of my bag and went exploring. There is a double decker carousel right by the opera house- not our opera house but a really old one. We ran into Jason and Hai Ting and Tomas and Melanie. They were on a break from rehearsals. It was so cool running into them. We had to leave them really fast because we were supposed to go on a safety tour of the theater with Brad.
We saw Brad with our group going across the park and ran to catch up with them. It was like The Amazing Race and me and my mom were laughing.
The theater- its called Le Corum is gigantic. It is so much bigger than Michigan. Probably three times bigger. I get to come out of the floor on the elevator in Spaceship, so Jason showed me where I had to go. He also showed me my dressing room. It’s next to Bob’s again! Someone put treats in it. Breadsticks, madeline’s, and French candy bars. I love being The Boy.















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