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Toy Store







Toys you can get in a cool store in an alley.
Toys you can get in the mall.

We found a cool toy store called Pomme de Reinette on the corner of two alleys. It seemed small but it was huge. The halls twisted and turned and went back a long way. There was a magic room, a doll house room, a small figures room, a game room, a space room and the front that had wind up toys and cards and masks. The windows outside have music playing and puppets that move up and down. We are going to go there a lot because it is where you turn off to go to my school ( I will tell you about school later)
I got a tin monkey game that is all about math and two Einstein masks (I had to get one for Antoine aka Einstein)
I got Lego mini figures from the toy store in the mall. I needed the mini figures for this game I made up because I forgot my baseball cards at home to do my usual fantasy baseball game.


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