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Sneaking Around





We went sneaking around in the theater tonight. I only had to do Trial Prison. I’m in it for 7 minutes so I had a lot of time off stage. There are secret staircases on the side of the stage. We tried to go to the lobby but the doors were locked and we might not be able to get back. We went all the way to the top seat of the theater and watched the Chorus and Kate and Helga do Knee Play 3. I snuck around so Bob wouldn’t say anything. Solange saw me!


One response to “Sneaking Around

  1. lisa ⋅

    ok, ok, this all looks very interesting…..BUT we are playing your team in the playoffs next week and we WILL miss you.
    your photos are extraordinary and your show looks supercool, can’t wait to catch you at BAM. enjoy your time with dad!

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