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The Haunted Chateau












All of the cast had a day off. I went to school in the morning (I know, I still need to tell you about school).
We walked along the bike path on Rue de Albert Einstein! I thought this would be a good sign.
We got to a chateau and it was very quiet. We walked past a vineyard and saw a little old man in the wine house closing a big blue door. We walked past a bamboo forest into the gardens. I think it was the back of the house. I wanted to enter through the hedge, but when I went in we started to hear rustling noises! That is where it got spooky. I felt a chill and it was a hot day. We kept exploring because it was so cool. Everything looked abandoned. There was a tropical bird making a noise in the palm tree and a woodpecker making a hole in another tree. We got up to the blue gate around the chateau and opened it. There was a round orb that looked like a broken sundial in the middle of the garden. It seemed like it had a lever, but it didn’t move. I started to get really nervous and my Mom was nervous so we started to find our way out of the gates. It was a maze. We passed a small house with orange trees and lemon trees. Now I really needed to leave because it was weird. We found the front road and saw a car with a man leave the property. I think I saw this man 3 times before that day. He disappeared through the vineyard. His car disappeared. We turned around to look at the chateau and saw one of the shutters open with a black hand come out. We got back on the bike path and an old woman with shades was following us. It was like she was summoned. We kept going back to town!


One response to “The Haunted Chateau

  1. AC ⋅

    really spooky,… I want to hear, if you saw the man in the car again..?? I can imagine this to be a film and it reminds me of a book by Edwar Gorey, when a whole large family goes to a Castle and one by one disappears… I am glad you didn’t disappear!!!
    looking forward to read more… xxxAC

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