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Wow! It felt like I had the best day of my life.
We had to get to Opera Berlioz early for a rehearsal of how the curtain call was going to be but then we went back to the hotel to wait to for my DAD! I was so excited that he was flying to Montpellier.
When he got to the hotel, he took a nap then I showed him some of my favorite places in town like the Opera Comedie, the carousel, the toy store, my school to meet Veronique and then the stage. I gave him a private backstage tour. He was shocked. He watched me do my safety check in the tower then Brad took him to sit in his seat for the show!
It was the best show.
We did the curtain call and the audience was cheering and yelling Bravo. All I could hear was Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Jean Paul the director of the opera house threw roses on the stage! We went out to bow a few times. I couldn’t stop smiling.
I got dressed and we walked over to the company party. It was at a very formal place and there were waiters giving us drinks and food. Jean Paul talked to me and he was so nice. Ann Christin gave me a cool soccer box filled with candy. I wasn’t really hungry but the chef made me a special dessert. It was chocolat sorbet with strawberries and mint. It was so good. We pretty much left first because it was already ONE AM and I was very tired. I wanted to say goodnight to Bob before I left and he was smiling the biggest smile. He gave me a special note before the show that I am going to keep forever. So, he got up from his chair at the restaurant, picked me up and everyone cheered!
All the way home (I mean hotel) my Dad kept saying how great the show was and how proud he was.


3 responses to “EOB WORLD PREMIERE!!

  1. schinders

    i am so proud of you i could burst! i love the pictures and you lots! xxe

  2. Grandpa ⋅

    An awesome experience Jasper, so glad you were also able to share it with your Dad. Thinking about you a lot this weekend. Ruthie says Hi. Love you, Grandpa.

  3. Bud Newell ⋅

    Looks like fun for you guys. Very cosmopolitan. Love Grampa Bud

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