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Buonasera Reggio Emilia





It was a very long travel day!
My day: bus to Montpellier airport, plane from Montpellier to Paris, plane from Paris to Milan, bus from Milan airport to Reggio Emilia.
Reggio Emilia is awesome! We have a really nice hotel called Albergo delle Notarie and it’s close to the theater. After we checked in and put our bags away, we walked to the theater (past two Einstein signs) to check it out. There is a cool fountain in front with colored lights in it.
We were starving so we tried to find a restaurant the lady at the hotel told us about, but it was closed. The restaurants don’t open until 7:30. We walked around some more and decided to eat at the hotel restaurant. I ate Tortelli Verde – it had spinach and ricotta cheese inside and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese sprinkled on top. Maurizio our waiter told me to get the chocolate cake. Charles and John in PGE ate at the restaurant too!
I love the food in Italy!


One response to “Buonasera Reggio Emilia

  1. Bud Newell ⋅

    Hi Jasper,
    Food sounds delicious. Chocolate cake yum.
    Love Grampa Bud

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