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Dinner at Le Grillardin


It was kind of strange to have a matinee so early, but it was a really good show. There were a lot of people. I packed up everything in my dressing room (for Reggio Emilia) and got dressed in nice clothes after the show because me and my mom and my dad were going to dinner at Le Grillardin. Our friends at Delecto said to make a reservation there, so we did.
We got to the restaurant and it was full but the waitress brought us to a nice table. Most of the people in our room had EOB programs from the show. One lady got up and told me I did a great job.
I ate the most delicious mini ravioli in chicken broth and had the Coupe Grillardin for dessert. It was a boat with whipped cream, ice cream, hot chocolate, and a chocolate covered cookie.
I was stuffed and very tired.
The same lady who came up to me before came up again and asked if maybe she had seen me in something else because I looked so familiar. I told her about my movie Kevin. She screamed because she had seen it and so did everyone else in the room!! It was so exciting for me. I felt proud.


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