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I am so excited to go to LONDON!!

I have been having fun at home while we had a break from the tour. Mostly, I played with my friends every single day after school. It’s kind of strange because I missed my friends while I was gone, but I started to miss everyone from the tour when I was home!

Here are some of the other things that happened:

1. My basketball team Dunk It, WON THE LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIPS! We had a special skills day when I got back from Italy and my group won the shooting challenge- I got four 3 pointers. We all got blue ribbons.

2. I did a PSA for the Homeless and had fun with the kid who was supposed to be my brother.

3. I had a really great spring break at my country house.

4. I was able to take the state tests with my class. That was lucky because if I was on tour I would have to do the makeup.

5. My movie started showing around the corner from my apartment.

6. I went to Soccer Day for the Tribeca Film Festival and cheered on Oscilloscope’s Team! It was a great day and I got a t-shirt and stickers from the Red Bulls!


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