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New York to London








We finally got here!
Everyone made it to the bus to go to the airport, but on the bus Matt thought he maybe forgot his passport. He called his Mom and she said she had it at home. She lives in Albany so she jumped in the car right away and drove to the airport. He had to take another flight. I felt very sad for him.
On the plane, I couldn’t really sleep the whole time. It was a long flight so I just tried to rest. It was bumpy and the plane was going up and down, so my ears hurt.
We got to London and went thru immigration. I have immigrated a lot of times!
Leanne who works at the Barbican met us at the airport, but we had to wait for other people like Abbe. Charles and Kate were already there. Since Abbe was at another part of the airport, she took a cab to the hotel. Our bus driver had a deep voice and he had a very English accent. The cars here drive on the other side of the road and the driver sits on the other side. I really liked our driver because he took us to all of the sights!
For the first day in London before we got to the hotel, I saw Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace guards, Big Ben, the London Eye, Ethiopia protest in front of parliament, a museum, the Thames, cleopatra’s needle from The Red Pyramid, St. Pauls Church. I can’t believe I saw Big Ben already!
We got to the hotel and our room is really big. We have a kitchen, so we rested for a minute then went to find the grocery store. You go through a park and then through an alley and then it’s right there on Whitecross Street. The grocery store is called Waitrose and it is a good one. We got everything we needed and my Mom let me get a five pack of Curly Wurlys!!
The lady at the register gave me some tokens to put in a box for charity. I chose working families so they can pay for daycare and other things, but next time I am going to put in the other one, too.
On the way back we saw two sleeping ducks in the park. Just there sleeping.

I can’t wait to see the theater and meet my tutor tomorrow!


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  1. schinders

    yay! i spent a lot of time in london when i was your age. it’s such a special place. have the best time. love you! x

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