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May Day










Today was exciting because I met my tutor this morning for my first day of class and I got to see my dressing room. We got ID’s that we have to show at the Stage Door and sign in. My dressing room is on the C Floor and no one else is on that floor. My room is huge, so we are going to have class there. Ruth, my teacher, is American, but she has lived here for a long time. She is very nice and funny. She knows exactly what I like.
We went to the Museum of London for part of class. It’s in the Barbican Center, so we are going to go everyday. How cool is that?!
We went to lunch then back to the Barbican to meet the crew. Everyone (even us) went around and said their name and their job. Then we went to see some sights, since I had no rehearsal.
First of all, I had fish and chips for lunch. Chips are French fries here and crisps are chips. It was so delicious. It didn’t look like a very good place, but people kept coming in and by the time we left, the whole place was full.
We saw the St Paul’s church. It was gigantic. Then we went across the Thames on the Millennium Bridge to see the Tate Museum and Shakespeare’s Globe theater.
You could see Tower Bridge from where we were, but we’ll go there another day.
Oh! On the way home we went to Hardy’s Sweet Shop. I got a surprise bag that had candy, a London keychain (for my backpack) stickers, a book, a wrist band, and a British flag whistle.


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