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Barbican Dressing Room




Here is my dressing room!
Do you see something different? Very different?
If you saw that the door knob is at the TOP of the door, you were CORRECT!
Isnt that the strangest thing you have ever seen?
You have to punch in a code to open the lock then turn the door knob, if you can reach it.
I have my own bathroom, too. The door knob isn’t on the top, but the inside lock is also the knob and it’s a weird shape.
I love my room and my orange couch.

The cool thing are the colors. Every floor is a different color.

I was going to do Trial today, but things were running behind. Also my Tower in Train wasn’t ready for me yet. So…
Corey gave me a haircut. Not a surprise!



One response to “Barbican Dressing Room

  1. Grandpa ⋅

    Nice colors in your dressing room. Also nice new hairdo. Love you, Grandpa

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