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Buckingham Palace















Let me just say that Constable Allen is a cool mate.
My mom and I took a taxi to Buckingham Palace at the same time as the changing of the guards. It’s where all the different kinds of guards have a parade and switch shifts. Our driver was so nice (I told him about Einstein and he said “Blimey, that’s a long show!”) and dropped us off right where the band guards practice before they go around the circle. So we watched them first, then went around to the front of the palace, this is where we meet the Constable. He was telling people to walk fast across the gate until he saw us then he said “Stop right there.” We thought we did something wrong. But we didn’t! He told us to come closer with him. He got us to the FRONT of the gate right before the guards came out and the band went around the circle!!
Can you believe it? It was so cool. It was sprinkling and cold, but we didn’t care!
After that we got hot chocolates in St. James Park and walked by the duck pond. Once we got to the end, we walked thru the Horse Guards building then up to Trafalgar Square, where there are gigantic lions. Way bigger than the lions in front of the NY Public Library.
I bought a Manchester United scarf.


2 responses to “Buckingham Palace

  1. schinders

    j- your blog is giving me so much joy! i spent a lot of time in london at your age, and you’re doing so many things i did. i get to revel in it all again. love you!

  2. Grandpa ⋅

    Great pictures. Enjoy!! Love you.

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