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Opening Night in LONDON


Yesterday started out good. Linda gave everyone finger puppet Einsteins.
I got into my harness, which meant I was going to do the elevator in tech. It was fine, everything worked. Then everyone got off of the Spaceship and we did Building before we took a dinner break. I did my skateboard.
In the dressing room they gave us bags with t-shirts and programs and an invitation to the VIP party after the show.
The only thing I hadn’t done before dinner was the Tower in Train, so that’s what we did before the show. It was really stressful before the show because if we didn’t start in time, they said that I wouldn’t get to do Spaceship or my curtain call because of the Law in England. I had to be out of the theater by 11pm.
It is NOT FAIR that everyone else gets to do the bows for their hard work and I don’t. I asked my Mom to ask Pat if we went late that maybe I could hurry up and change clothes and go in the audience like a regular person, but Pat said no.
Well, we definitely went late. The Tower got stuck after Train and they had to make an announcement to stop the show. After they fixed it, Bob came on stage and told everyone to fasten their seatbelts! And that we weren’t going to do the elevators in Spaceship. So, I wasn’t going to be in it anyway. After Building, it was about 10:30pm.
Me and my Mom rushed to get dressed and sign out so we wouldn’t get taken to jail. It was funny because we were racing up the stairs looking for the Theater police!
We went back to the hotel, but I wanted to go to the party. We walked back to the Barbican and passed audience people coming out of the show who recognized me! I felt good and I was getting excited to get to the party.
Did you know my movie was at theBarbican last year?
We went up the elevator to the atrium with Yolanda and Craig. As soon as we got in people were telling me good job, then Bob grabbed my hand and took me up front to a small stage. He told everyone on the microphone that because of England laws I wasn’t able to take my curtain call. Then I bowed!! I was so surprised and really happy.
We saw a lot of people from the show and talked to some other people. We left after about 30 minutes.
I had a deep sleep.


3 responses to “Opening Night in LONDON

  1. schinders

    i’m so so proud of you! and i’m so glad bob made sure you got your bow. i’m applauding very loudly in Los Angeles. xxx

  2. Bud ⋅

    A real star. The closest that I come is that I am Jasper Newell’s Grandfather!

  3. Grandpa ⋅

    Wonderful and I’m proud of you on how you handel all those changes. Can’t wait to see you do your performance. Love you, Grandpa.

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