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Epic Day Off: Part 2













The subway ride to South Kensington was easy. It was a little full because of the bank holiday, but the seats are cushioned and there are separators between the seats so no one can sit on you.
We were going to visit the Natural History Museum, but the lines were very long and we can go back tomorrow when everyone is at work. We saw the Science Museum, too so we know where to go.
The real reason we got off at that stop was for Kensington Gardens.
I had one very important thing on my list to find.
The garden is like Central Park. We walked thru Princess Diana’s Flower Garden and a squirrel tried to jump on me and steal my brownie!! I found a tree that looked like it had mini trees on it.
Then we found PETER PAN!
It was a special moment for me.
We sat on a bench for awhile then went to the fountains.
When we exited Kensington Gardens, the squirrel, who was the same squirrel from before, ran up to the gate and watched us leave!
Heading to the next stop, we got on the bus because I wanted to ride on the top of a double decker bus.
Now we go to, Oxford Circus.


One response to “Epic Day Off: Part 2

  1. Greg ⋅

    That was one cheeky squirrel!

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