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Epic Day Off: Part 3











The bus ride was fun. It doesn’t really feel like you are up high when you sit on top.
We stopped at Oxford Circus and walked to Regent Street. On the way, we saw Hari Krishnas singing and it felt like home. People were staring at them, but I’m used to it.
Regent Street is a long street where there are tons of shops, about halfway down there is an alley called Carnaby. We saw a Johnny Cupcakes store and had to go inside. We know them from Martha’s Vineyard. I got a t-shirt. Then we went back to Regent Street to find…HAMLEY’S!!
Melissa, our hair stylist from the Barbican told us we had to go to this toy store and she was right!
It is five floors of awesomeness.
The top floor is all Legos. I had to get some. I also got a cool magnetic dart board to bring with me on tour.
There was a Lego Queen and Guards.
We were in there for a long time!
We curved around Regent Street to the Piccadilly Circus Underground Station for the next stop.


2 responses to “Epic Day Off: Part 3

  1. schinders

    i was wondering when you’d hit hamley’s. my fave place as a kid. xx

  2. Grandpa ⋅

    My oh my, definitely agree an Epic day! Can’t wait to come see you, so we can chat about your experience in Europe. Love you Love you, Grandpa.

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