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Epic Day Off: Part 4










We got off at the Waterloo Station. Its on the other side of the river by the London Eye!
Can you guess what I did next?
My Mom decided to get the fast track ticket so we could just get on. It was worth it because we had a long day. We literally got the ticket and stepped on the pod. It was cool because once you got up high you can see everything. There is a festival going on right now called the Udderbelly and they have an upside down cow as the stage. We saw that from up high. We saw Buckingham Palace.
The sun came out when we were at the very top.
On the bottom when we got out, they had the pressed penny machines, so I got one of Big Ben for my collection.
We walked back across the river on the Jubilee Bridge. I thought we would take a bus back home but then we saw the Sherlock Holmes Pub and Restaurant and we had to eat there! I am a big Arthur Conan Doyle fan. Upstairs in the restaurant there was a room that they made into Sherlock Holmes study on Baker Street. It was REALLY COOL!
We got on the bus back home but the only stop close to us was St. Paul’s, but it’s a quick walk from there.
On a side street we saw four people inside a church tower ringing the bell. I’ve never seen that before.


One response to “Epic Day Off: Part 4

  1. Grandpa ⋅

    Tell your photographer that the photos are Professional. The ride on the London Eye is an experience to remember. It’s huge, I’m sure the ride is long. Have fun, love Grandpa.

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