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King’s Cross and Diagon Alley








In school today, I worked on my Immigration magazine and made a prism, tomorrow we are going to see if it makes shadows. We had to evacuate the building because the alarm went off. It was loud. The firemen were already going inside the building. Everyone met at a certain place outside. We were going to take a break anyway.
After school, we went back to the hotel to eat lunch and rest before we went out again for the day.
We took the Barbican station to King’s Cross. It’s the station in Harry Potter where they take the train to Hogwarts.
They have a Platform 9 3/4 and we found it!
It was a good idea to call the subway in London the Underground because you go really really
far underground. All of the escalators are long.
Next stop was Leicester Square to find Diagon Alley.
We walked to Charing Cross Road to start looking. There are a lot of alleys that could be like it.
We went on Cecil Court and Goodwin’s Court and more.
There is another place near the Barbican called Leadenhall Market that they filmed the movie at. We haven’t gone there yet.
We rode the bus home from Trafalgar Square- on the top.
Tomorrow, I have school and a show!


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