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London English

Here are a list of words I learned in London that are different.

Alight- Get off, exit
Knackered- Tired
Lift – Elevator
Braces- Suspenders
Mate- Pal, friend
Crisps- Chips
Chips- Fries
Flat – Apartment
Cracking- Best
Keeps Uppy- freestyle soccer
Posh – Fancy,rich
Alright then-how are you
Cheers- Bye
Fancy Dress- costume party
Naught- zero
Loo -Bathroom
Rubbish -Trash
Biscuit- Cookie
Fairy cake- cupcake
Plaster – BandAid
Candy floss – Cotton candy


2 responses to “London English

  1. Grandpa ⋅

    Have save trip home. Will call you next weekend. Love you, Grandpa

  2. glad you’ve figured it out, jasper. I’m still stumped!! i’m only on plaster = bandaid! this is where I learned all about Wallace and Grommit. I’m sure your cool dad has introduced you to claymation 🙂

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