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Last Show In London







We had a great last show.
We had a party in the green room for the crew and for Andrew and Greg’s birthday. There was a lot of cake! I got to say goodbye to my friends on the crew. I don’t have a picture of James, but he was basically my really good friend on the crew- even though he was an Arsenal fan.
I am going to miss them.
I am also going to miss the park I played in. It was really good that it was so close to the Barbican.


2 responses to “Last Show In London

  1. schinders

    nice tshirt! so proud of you! can’t wait to see the show in Berkeley in the fall. x

  2. i’m so disappointed that I couldn’t help you in london… looks like a fun time. Next time you’re there, go south to Guillemount Junior School (in farnborough). This is (one of) the coolest schools in the world. Ask your mom about it 😉

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