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It was a short flight to Toronto yesterday. I was glad it wasn’t 8 hours like France!
Our hotel is really nice. It has a big waterfall inside.
We rested in our room and looked at the schedule. Only chorus had rehearsal before the safety walk through, so my Mom made a reservation at the restaurant in the CN Tower. Basically, we are in the financial district like in London. We can walk everywhere.
It only took ten minutes to walk to the tower.
The elevator goes up fast and a lady tells you how high you go up- 1000 feet!
Our waiter George was great. He sounded like Batman’s butler and recommended what I should eat for dinner and what to get for dessert. He was right!
He showed me where the Sony Center was, too. We went around one full turn during dinner.
It was amazing.
After dinner, George told us we should walk down to the glass floor level. He was right again!
It felt like you were going to fall down through the glass.
Down in the store, there were penny machines for my collection, but we didn’t get our money switched yet, so we are going to go back and get one, since it is so close.
Oh, did I tell you that the CN Tower is right next to Rogers Stadium! The Blue Jays! I got a 2012 team pack of baseball cards from the team shop.



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