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Around the Sony Center


Right outside of the theater is a nice neighborhood. It’s past the financial district. There is a big indoor market with all kinds of stores and food to eat called St. Lawrence Market. There is also a Flatiron building! We had dinner at a place called Great Burger Kitchen yesterday during a break from rehearsal and the man gave us a discount and free drinks!
It has been really fun in Toronto because everyone hangs out in the Green Room by my dressing room. There are the best snacks and food here. We have been playing Draw Something with each other, but I have played the most with Brad. He’s my good friend and helps me the most if I need something.

Ps: A lot of people were happy because we did a dress rehearsal last night, but I left after Building because it was really late. It’s okay though because we did Spaceship in the afternoon. Bob said Hi to me when I was in the elevator. My elevator goes really high in Toronto. I can’t believe we are in Canada!


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