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Opening Night in Toronto











It was a great day yesterday.
I woke up late and swam in the pool. The pool is the best part of the hotel.
When we got to the theater, we saw a news camera!
Before the show Andrew gave me a piece of ocean jasper he found in a stone store.
The show was really good and people were clapping after almost every scene. It felt exciting.
There was a big party after the show. We walked over with Melanie and Solange and Charles.
The big bodyguard said I couldn’t go in because there was an age limit and I said “What?” That wouldn’t be fair.
My Mom explained that I was in the show, so he said “Oh! Okay.” There was a red carpet and everyone was really fancy inside. There were a lot of people and it was loud. A lady from Paris who saw the show said I was her favorite part!
Jason got me some water. I was only allowed to stay for a few minutes like regular, but I had fun and was ready to leave when my Mom said it was time to go. There was a big screen on the wall that you could write things on. Someone wrote LCDC Rules. Lucinda saw it and got really happy!!
We got to the hotel and I couldn’t even take a shower I was so tired.
I love my hotel bed.


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