Morgan Library

We went to the Morgan Library because for the first time regular people get to see Bob’s Einstein On The Beach set drawings and all of Philip’s opera in the same room.

I saw my tower and found where Spaceship was in the notes. Since we were all alone in the room, we sang.

The room was blue. It looked just like backstage.

There was a screen on the wall that showed Einstein from 1976. Lucinda was in it and Bob was in it.

I watched the whole entire thing. There was a bench you can sit on.



I have been having the best summer. We have been spending a lot of time at our house upstate.

I did basketball camp one week and met my friend Aiden. We went to an Outlaw game together and we both got foul balls. I got Orlando Rivera’s foul ball and Aiden got Shane Crain’s foul ball.

I did baseball camp, too. That’s where Shane, Orlando, ┬áZander, Cody, Cory and Coach Lou and more of the Outlaws were my coaches. My friend Cameron who lives upstate was there which was really fun.

I pretty much go to every Outlaw game that I can.

I really want to do another week of baseball camp when we go back to the house.

Other things I like to do are play tennis (I got a new racket) go swimming in the lake and the pool. And basically relax.