City Summer

NYC Summer

Tangle at Lincoln Center Out Of Doors Festival:  it was really fun.

My Dad’s birthday dinner: it was really really fun.

Basketball City Camp: the most fun. I made a winning foul shot with 0.6 seconds left on the clock. The coach from the other team ran up and gave me a hug because it was so much pressure! I won the Hustle Award on the first day!



My Mom took me to Bob’s center called Watermill for Sue Jane’s memorial. She was my friend, but she died.

Her friends did a dance or a made a speech or played music to remember her. Helga sang a song. I think she should sing in Einstein because she has a good voice. We drank lemonade and ate scones. I ate two. Sue Jane used to make scones and they used her recipe.

I met Christopher Knowles. I say the words he wrote in Einstein.

I love Watermill. When I am an artist I am going to ask Bob if I can live there. Some artists live there now but I think I have to be older.

I saw the first Einstein chair in the woods. I am happy for Kate that they made a different one because it seemed very small.

We ate a big lunch and then Bob showed me his house. It was kind of like a museum. He has a doll that was like the automaton in Hugo Cabret, except it doesn’t move on it’s own. I really liked it.

Corey and Luc drove us home because we missed our train.