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My Mom took me to Bob’s center called Watermill for Sue Jane’s memorial. She was my friend, but she died.

Her friends did a dance or a made a speech or played music to remember her. Helga sang a song. I think she should sing in Einstein because she has a good voice. We drank lemonade and ate scones. I ate two. Sue Jane used to make scones and they used her recipe.

I met Christopher Knowles. I say the words he wrote in Einstein.

I love Watermill. When I am an artist I am going to ask Bob if I can live there. Some artists live there now but I think I have to be older.

I saw the first Einstein chair in the woods. I am happy for Kate that they made a different one because it seemed very small.

We ate a big lunch and then Bob showed me his house. It was kind of like a museum. He has a doll that was like the automaton in Hugo Cabret, except it doesn’t move on it’s own. I really liked it.

Corey and Luc drove us home because we missed our train.


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