Sunday: Goodbye BAM part 2

Here are more pictures from our last show.

It was really fun because after the curtain call we took a big group picture with everyone on stage.

Lala and Grandpa Bud and Pat really liked the show and we ate at Scopello an Italian restaurant. The owner asked for my autograph and took my picture. Kate was there too so I said Hi.

The next exciting thing happening in nine days is my birthday.


Sunday: Goodbye BAM





I am in my dressing room for the last time at BAM.
I had a lot of fun working here, everyone was nice to me like the wardrobe and the crew and the BAM office. One of the crew guys gave me a Monday Night Football hat.
I can’t wait for Grandpa Bud and Lala to see the show today!





There was a festival outside of BAM that had good music. I found a place to play wall ball on my floor outside.
A great surprise was that Jonah and Molly came to see me! They had to leave because it was late and raining, but maybe they will come back.
Also, we had PIZZA in the Green Room! Philip came, too.

Statue of Liberty

It’s Rosh Hashanah so I don’t have school for two days! We don’t have any shows until Wednesday!

My Grandpa took us to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Did you know that my Grandpa put some secret security on the the Statue of Liberty after 9/11? He got to fly on a helicopter right to Liberty Island.

We met Caitlin’s godmother in line for the ferry. She couldn’t believe I was the Boy in the show and I was right next to her in line. She lives in Iowa but used to live in Queens. She asked for my autograph. I gave it to her!

We ate dinner in Little Italy.


I kind of don’t like the trip to the theater because it’s hot in the subway but we can take any train.

When we get to Brooklyn we get dinner at one of the restaurants near BAM.

I like 67 Burger and Smoke Joint.

I also like the rice crispy treats at Connecticut Muffin.