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Lighting Day

Yesterday was my first time on the stage at BAM for the lighting tech. It was a long day and night but a lot of things happened.

A strange thing was that some or about 30 percent were wearing the Reggio Emilia Einstein shirts. I was wearing mine!

1. I decorated my dressing room and played a lot of darts.

2. Corey gave me a haircut. He pretty much gave everyone a haircut.

3. I put on my costume for the first time since Toronto.

4. I tried my skateboard in Building.

5. I ate chinese food for dinner in my dressing room. It was really good.

6. I hung out in the Green Room and played games.

7. Charles told me really bad jokes. Well, I didn’t get the one about the clam first but now I think it’s funny. I left my harp in Sam Clam’s Disco. Charles is so funny.

8. I went out in the audience and watched for a little bit. I am going to try to go in one of the opera boxes today because I found the stairs!

9. I saw Bob.

10. I went in my elevator.

11. I rode the subway home but my mom said we will probably take a car service home after the shows because I will be so tired and it will be really late. I think that is a good idea because it was really hot in the subway and there are too many stairs!

12. I wore my Barbican Einstein shirt to bed. It’s really big for me. Team spirit!

Today is the Dress Rehearsal and Maya and Colin (my teachers) are coming!


One response to “Lighting Day

  1. schinders

    1. i love you and think you’re fabulous.
    2. you knew that hair cut was coming!
    3. i had forgotten the sam clam’s disco joke – oy!
    4. go you, go team einstein!!

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