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Dress Rehearsal

We had our Dress Rehearsal last night!

I was kind of nervous at the very beginning because I was running a little behind schedule.

First, my shoes were tight. Then my sailor pants busted. Then I was called for my safety check so I had to go down in my harness and basketball shorts! I didn’t even have my makeup on yet so we rushed back upstairs to makeup after the Tower check. Then I rushed back down to the quick change room and put on my pants and my jacket and got right back on the Tower!

I  accidentally hit Katie with an airplane. She has a small like mosquito bite mark from it on her arm but other than that I didn’t mess up.

I tried to look for my teachers, Maya and Colin when I was on the Tower.

I found out today at school that they stayed until the very end. Even the curtain call!

Bob and Philip and Lucinda were there.

After the show when we were waiting for our car service two ladies came up to me and recognized me and said I did a good job. One of them asked if I was scared in the elevator and one of them asked me how old I was.

I am getting used to people talking to me after the show now.

Another best part about being at home for the show is I get to see my dog.


One response to “Dress Rehearsal

  1. schinders

    i’ll bet that’s paul’s favorite part, too.

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