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Chez Panisse




After opening night there was a special private dinner at Alice Water’s restaurant Chez Panisse.
I had a really good time. We had to go upstairs.
I saw the lady I met at the Edible Schoolyard sitting with her husband. They went to the show and really liked it. She only took one break during Trial Prison.
Brad, Ty, Vincent, Kaleb and the woman on the wall were sitting at our table. My Mom told the chef I might not like everything on our menu, so they made me a few different things. My soup was turnip potato. I loved it. The bread and the pizza was so good. The dessert was lemon sherbet with cat tongue! Well, it was langue de chat. It means cat tongue but it was a cookie.

We planned the movie of Kaleb’s life because let’s just say he is the most interesting man in the world.
Philip and Linda and Alisa and Linsey were there too. Basically all of Pomegranate.
We got a ride back to the hotel with Philip and his friend. Philip is very funny.
There were people dressed up for Halloween on the streets.
I didn’t take a bath. I went straight to bed.


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