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My Mom and I took the BART to the airport and we were 5 minutes late. The lady at the desk said we couldn’t check in and my Mom started to cry. The lady was rude. She said we had to buy another ticket. We told Brad and he said he would talk to the gate. After they were already boarding another nice lady told us she would check us in but we had to RUSH! She had to take us thru security past everyone. We got to the gate but they only had one ticket. So we had to wait again! Finally we got on the plane.
When we got to Mexico I met Carolina. She gave me water and my badge. She is like my special personal helper. Orly was so funny and made me feel good. It was a long day but they made everything better. The hotel is really fancy and it has day of the dead shrines in it. We all got bags and treats and lucha masks.
We had dinner at the hotel with Charles. I had fajitas and tasted some flan that Charles got.
The money is weird because pesos use a dollar sign. Basically, if it is 12 pesos that is a dollar in America.


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