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Palacio de Bellas Artes

















This is my theater. It has a Tiffany glass curtain and dome.
My dressing room is great and I have a funny sign. The Green Room is really good.
Caro took us around outside after school. We ate at La Opera where there is a bullet hole in the ceiling from Pancho Villa. I had chicken enchiladas. In Mexico, they bring small coat racks to your table, so I put my jacket on it.
We went to a day of the dead art exhibit by the Latino Americana building and looked inside the blue tile Sanborns. It’s famous.
After we rested at the hotel, we went down to the Popular Art Museum. There were big creatures outside. Even the store is like a museum and I saw some things I want to get. My Mom said to wait because there is a market that Carolina is going to take us to.
We had a safety walk thru tonight with everyone.
Jenni gave me a Swear Piggy for the Green Room. I already have pesos in it! It’s name is Penny Piggy Pitter Patter.


One response to “Palacio de Bellas Artes

  1. April

    Hi Jasper!
    I was really excited to find your blog, because I am a big fan of your work, in ‘We Need To Talk About Kevin”; I also was intrigued to know you were blogging your experiences thru ‘einstein’, which migrates you through a great path!.. thank you for sharing a few of your hobbies, and general notes of your personality.

    I am making a film with two young actors and I thought it’d be interesting to interview and the pick the brain of a talented one, like yourself. I have two questions I would love you to answer, if you have the time, it would mean a lot and be lovely to learn from you!

    All my best with your creations,

    1. So, whats the best piece of advice you’ve learned from the projects you’ve participated in?
    2. Do you find yourself adjusting your performance for theatre as opposed to film?

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