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Dress Rehearsal





20121109-093513.jpgTHE LIGHT WALKERS FROM MEXICO!!




It was a sunny day yesterday, but I was in the theater from school to the tech to the dress rehearsal.
I do a lot of work with Anje, but we have fun breaks too. We play the piano together.
I got to do Building and Spaceship for tech.
One thing that happened was I met the light walkers for Mexico. They are acting students and they had to watch my movie for class! How cool is that? I can’t believe it! They were really nice and I made some new friends.
I was kind of a worker with Brad and Pat last night. I helped them with jobs. I helped Pat take the massage lists down and I helped Brad get ice for the dancer buckets. It was good because I had about four hours!
I didn’t do the Spaceship for the Dress Rehearsal because it was going to be late. Carlos was just going to put the mannequin in the elevator.
We saw Helga at breakfast and she said they finished the show.
That means no rehearsal today!


One response to “Dress Rehearsal

  1. Joan Santos ⋅

    Hey Jasper, this is Joan Santos: the light walker between you and Einstein! I’m so glad to get to see your blog and find this picture of us! I read your posts and I’m happy to know you had lots of fun in Mexico. We saw the opera saturday night and I was thrilled to see everything you do, I enjoyed it so much. I would’ve loved to see it again. I’ll keep up with the opera tour by checking your blog. It was really nice meeting you buddy!

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