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Opening Night in Mexico


















We had a great day. We went to the market and saw Katie and Jessie. I got a key chain of the feather serpent from the pyramids. I saw some other things to get today when we go back with more pesos.
The show was good and we had a juice bar next to the Green Room. They made any kind of juice you wanted. The lights came up during Spaceship and I was in the elevator saying “Okay, just act like nothing different is happening.” There were a lot of people in the theater.
My teacher Anjelica came backstage after the show and gave me a sugar skull. Jeremy gave me one too!
The party was really fun. There were tons of mariachis in the square and then I had to sneak in the party because kids weren’t allowed. I met Anjelica’s parents. The mariachis played and then I was getting tired, so my Mom asked if we could leave. Orly said to wait 5 more minutes because she had a big surprise.
She came out dressed like a cow! It was so funny. I could not stop laughing! It was worth the wait.
We went home with Philip and Lucinda and Alisa.
It was the best party we have ever had.


3 responses to “Opening Night in Mexico

  1. schinders

    wow! that sounds like so much fun!!
    thank you for spelling mex-ico correctly, so i can hear you in my head. xx

  2. I was there, on the second floor, first row, with my son, a young guy with glasses, wondering if Philip Glass was there, at the end of this soul felt performance… historic moment… thank you from my heart and congratulations for your work and the effort of this fresh approach to an undoubtedly great experience…

  3. Grandpa ⋅

    It’s an absolute joy to watch you on an awesome journey. I’m so proud of you Mijo. Love and Hugs, Grandpa.

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