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Fourth Show Day


This is what the theater got me from a store called Droog. A Sailboat!20130111-195236.jpg

We found the Droog store and there was a cool garden in the middle.20130111-195245.jpg

Guess why I like this truck?20130111-195255.jpg

DUN DUN DUN20130111-195302.jpg


Hey, I’m lost can you help me?20130111-195312.jpg



2 responses to “Fourth Show Day

  1. April

    I like that store you mentioned. I looked up its site and it reminds me of a Dutch ‘Crate and Barrel’ or Ikea, perhaps?! They carry some very cool and original stuff and as a fine connoisseur of hats..I have to say that your cast came across one of the coolest finds for you!
    I think it’s so cool that you work on something you love and still have time to see what the city is actually like. That always seems difficult among productions, where you are mainly working to be proud of your performance. It is refreshing to see a balance between you enjoying yourself and enjoying what you do. I’m very impressed by that. And, this is looking to be one of my favorite adventure of yours.

  2. April

    I thought that was a sailboat hat..mistaken but that is still cool!

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