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Star Ferry, First Ferry then Bus #2











We had a big adventure today.
First we took the Star Ferry to get across to Central Hong Kong since we are in the Tsim Sha Tsui side. We walked past a mall (there are a lot of malls) that had giant teddy bears everywhere, then we found a good luck lantern pond in front of the theater. It says it lights up at night.
We didn’t have change for the ferry so we stopped and got snacks for our trip.
At the ferry station you put your change in the machine and it gives you plastic tokens. My Mom said we can keep one for a souvenir. The Star Ferry was very quick.
Next, we got on the First Ferry that was going to Mui Wo at Pier 6.
I wanted to sit on top and found out that people like to compete for a seat on top. We were in the front by the gate, so we got a great seat.
There were a lot of shipping boats (we saw some people dancing on one of the crates) I think they may have been shooting a video. It was funny. We saw fishing boats and tug boats.
We passed a lot of islands and a few docks in the mountains that looked like Dr. Evil’s headquarters.
After a while we got to Mui Wo and took the number 2 bus to…THE BIG BUDDHA!
The bus ride was so great. We saw beaches and one spot where there were kite surfers. It felt like we went up 3 mountains. We even saw an ox coming out of the mud. The trees and the jungle looked kind of like a Jules Verne book.


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