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Big Buddha








The Big Buddha was amazing.
It was gigantic!
There were twelve guards on the walk up to the stairs. I found mine. I am a horse and the statue of the guard was named General Sandira. He was holding a conch. My Mom found the rat guard and we took a picture of the dragon guard for my Dad.
We went up to the very top of the Buddha and saw one of the beaches we passed on the bus. We were really high up.
There were goddesses at the top around the Buddha too. People threw coins on them for good luck.
Everything smelled like flowers and oranges until we walked to the front of the Po Lin Monastery, then everything smelled like incense. People were praying and lighting the incense in the huge pits.
The temple was so pretty and the Buddhas inside were gold. There were orchids and plants and offerings. Some people left chocolate. I saw one person pick up a coin that someone threw for good luck and thought it was despicable. They will probably have very bad luck for that.
I saw monks and heard the bell being gonged a few times.
We ate some sweet buns at the cafe outside of the temple. I loved the red bean pastry.
We had a pineapple bun too but I didn’t like that very much.

We walked thru the yard and saw Katie and Jesse! Then we were walking back to the village and saw Stuart and Matt. They all rode the cable car but I liked the bus.
We walked thru the village and passed a chopstick store and a good luck cat store and even a store that only sold cartoon monkey things.
We wanted to take the subway back, so we took a different bus to Tung Chung and got on the subway. I think NYC could learn a few things from the China subway. It’s really easy to tell where you are going with all of the maps and there are doors that open when the subway comes so no one can fall in the tracks.
Yep, that was my trip!




2 responses to “Big Buddha

  1. April

    Go’n on Japser! I can’t stop smiling at the pictures, I see you’re having great finale of a run! EOB 2012/2013!!..I really hope we get a cast recording from this somehow. I’m absolutely gutted I won’t be able to see it! Also, I have always been impressed with your level of coherency and character when it comes to writing…your blogs always display a high degree of simplicity and ambition. I am happy to tweet about em. Oh and kudos to your mom for absolutely nailing the ‘I got the whole Buddha in my hand’ picture! You should see how many times it has failed with the Leaning Tower of

  2. Jose Martinez ⋅

    Another amazing adventure – enjoy, enjoy!! Love you Grandpa.

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