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School in Hong Kong





Can you believe this is is my classroom?
It’s the biggest class, I’ve had so far on tour. So basically you have to go up thru the theater and go out to the lobby. I saw them tech Night Train and Trial (my light walker was sitting in my chair for me!) When they were teching Trial I had a snack break but the theater was pitch black. It was scary because the stairs are so steep.
Karen, my tutor really taught me a lot. She is from Sydney Australia but has been here for 15 years. She is probably one of my best teachers and told me where to go to see cool sites. Like the world’s longest escalator on Hong Kong Island. She lives over there, so she doesn’t have to go far to get to the theater.
She might help us get a tutor for Melbourne.
I hope we can stay friends. She has never been to NYC before, so maybe she can come visit.
And, she saw my movie!
We are working on Harriet Tubman research, Math, a realistic fiction paper, and my Hong Kong project. I made a great map!


3 responses to “School in Hong Kong

  1. schinders

    woah, that theatre is huge!

  2. April

    This is the coolest venue of all time. Loving the photos, it feels like you can shoot a film there on location!

  3. Grandpa ⋅

    Great photos. Looks like nice weather there, I hear NYC is having another mini Nemo. Love you, Grandpa.

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