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Opening Night in Hong Kong!








I was excited to do the show because it felt like the first time I had been on stage since we got here. I had to give my number one light walker – my mannequin – a high five for doing all the late night rehearsal for me! Unfortunately, his arm fell off. I just stuck it back on.
There was a big fruit basket in the Green Room and we got shirts. My mom got me some candy from the food market. I got in trouble later because I ate the whole bag of the chocolate filled marshmallows. But they were chocolate filled marshmallows!!
Jenni said we wouldn’t be tipping the tower because the crew didn’t feel like it had been rehearsed enough with the local crew. That was fine with me!
The quick change room kind of stressed me out because it is like a changing stall at a beach, but it worked out.
I think I did a good job and I don’t think any one really messed up.


2 responses to “Opening Night in Hong Kong!

  1. Ramiro Flores ⋅

    Beautiful pics and very nice, thoughtful comments! I am a long time friend of your Grandparents Jose & Mary, your Mom, and your uncle Joey. I have really enjoyed hearing about your impressive accomplishments from your, beaming with pride, Grandpa. I did not, however, enjoy not being able to sleep after viewing your ‘Kevin’ role. haha! Continued success to you and regards to your Mom – Ramiro

  2. April

    HAHAH!! I love the mannequin And they way you explain how you enjoyed chocolate filled marshmallows, I am hoping to find some myself, maybe they have a nutella sort of taste..yumm!!

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