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Kowloon Park



We walked to Kowloon Park after breakfast. We had a matinee, so we wanted to go there and then rest. There were a lot of people doing Tai Chi. There was one man that had a sword.
We walked up to the aviary and saw all of the birds. I was talking to one bird and he started talking back. I think I could be a bird watcher when I’m older.
A strange thing happened, an old man came up and started talking to us. He asked my Mom if she was Chinese, then Japanese, then my Mom said she was Mexican and he started speaking in Spanish and Chinese. He was talking about the birds and asked if we liked to talk to them.
My Mom said he was sweet, but I thought he was weird.
He kept calling me muchacha!


One response to “Kowloon Park

  1. Molly Brumbach ⋅

    muchacha is a cool name for a kid
    hope you had fun in Hong Kong
    i like a lot of your pictures and stories

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