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What Have I Been Up To? March to July

So many important things have happened to me since we got back from Hong Kong:


My Basketball League finished when I got back. I am pretty much obsessed with basketball.



My film Meet The Small Potatoes came out on DVD, but only in Walmart. It comes out all over on July 30th because Universal Studios liked it. Or you can see it on the Disney Channel- that’s how I saw it. It’s really good.


I worked on a short film with some actors like Grant Rosenmeyer (Oliver Beene) and Rachel Brosnahan (Beautiful Creatures, House of Cards) The director Harry Tarre is going to be great! He is very nice and I had fun on set. My singing teacher Brett introduced me to everyone.




a photographer named craig warga took this picture

I went on a Big Treasure Hunt with my Mom through the city for Discovery Times Square Shipwreck Exhibit. It was so much fun. We have pretty much gone to every exhibit they have so we knew this would be good. I had to figure out clues to find places and then we went to the place to get another clue from a pirate. Like we went to Bank of NY, an old antique jar place on Maiden Lane and on the last day for the treasure, we had to go to Trinity Church.

Well, we waited at the church and saw other people doing the treasure hunt when finally we saw the pirate with the treasure and ran to her. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to her first. BUT they knew I had been doing the treasure hunt all week from seeing us at the secret locations. Then all of a sudden Pirate Laura (that was her name) introduced us to Mr John Longley THE HEAD OF THE EXHIBIT and he said he was happy I did the hunt all week and was sorry I didn’t win but he wanted to give me a special gift- to get a private tour of the exhibit BEFORE ANYONE ELSE!! I was so excited and he gave us the tour himself the next day. It was probably one of the coolest things that ever happened to me. You should go see it because the LEGO exhibit is there now.



I graduated from 5th Grade! I wanted to wear Converse like my Einstein shoes for graduation except they had lightning bolts!

I have to go to a different school for 6th Grade and I am really excited. I mean I will be sad to leave my friends I have been in school with since Pre-K, but I will be going to a special school that was really hard to get into and it’s for actors like me (hint hint) I already met most of the kids in my class and I like them a lot.


After school ended I got to take one of my best friends named Griffin to Six Flags. It was an epic day!


One of my other friends had a camp out at her country house as a celebration.



I spent a week upstate at basketball camp and my friends Aiden and Carter who live up there came to my country house to play. We went over to the house where my friend Marta was staying, too.


I brought my bike from upstate and have been biking with my Dad along the East River.

It’s been a good summer so far.



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