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THIS Happened Too!


  • batman___ficitional_poster_4_by_crisvector-d5n5h32-625x911

There is a really good artist in Brazil that made fake Batman posters named Cristiano Siqueira. My dad printed the poster for my room because I love Batman and I would love to be in a Batman movie. I think I could be in a Christopher Nolan movie and play a young Joseph Gordon Levitt. Marion Cotillard played a great villian, it was such a surprise when you found out she was bad. I am kind of upset Christian Bale is not going to be in any more Batman movies because now that I am old enough to watch the movies, it is going to be someone else.

I wish Einstein could go to Brazil. I would try to go to a soccer game.


One response to “THIS Happened Too!

  1. Seriously Jasper you have left me no choice but to plot this film into my mind. Your dad is so cool, and the fact that I love Batman as well really makes me want to see this made; just seems like there are so many wonderful story possibilities when we put together great ideas and then go back in age with the characters. That really might make the movie more unexpected. I feel like you never know what’s going to happen with a film series, so I’m hoping you happen to be lucky and something like this comes along into fruition!!

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