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Bus Tour: Lunch Stop







We had lunch at Fergusson’s Winery.
Louise Fergusson made us food like roastbeef and vegetables and pasta. She is an olympic chef in the food olympics and was so nice. The bread was really good, too. I got to play a little bit outside when we were done.
After lunch we went to the Yarra Valley Chocolate Factory. You could get any kind of chocolate and taste samples. We got ice cream. I got dark chocolate. It was delicious. We all had to run back to the bus because the rest of the people were waiting. What can I say? I love chocolate! I could have stayed there all day.


2 responses to “Bus Tour: Lunch Stop

  1. schinders

    wow! it all sounds amazing, but all that chocolate sounds the best!! xx

  2. Ice cream, chocolate..! I’m a total foodie especially when I hear of all the varieties you can try. I’m surprised you went for dark chocolate, instead of milk! When I see alerts of your new posts, I think one thought: Dang Jasper! My bud is effervescent on this blogging game..too good! Thanks for sharing you and your mom’s experiences!

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