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Goodbye Australia!





We had a great last show and they put the poster we signed in the hallway already.
I had a pool party after the show then we packed up everything.
I love Australia and I hope I can go back.
I was really happy to see my dog and sleep in my own bed!

I can’t believe I am going to start middle school soon.

Next EOB stop: Los Angeles
Then: Paris


2 responses to “Goodbye Australia!

  1. Thanks Jasper for your great performances downunder. Good to hear you had a fun time, and its been wonderful to read your posts from inside the Einstein team.

    It certainly looked like you had a smoother ride in the elevator here than in that final show in Hong Kong I also caught where there seemed to be “a whole lot of shaking going on”!

    Say hi to Paris for me.

  2. Jasper! Australia looked to be wonderful, super excited for LA in October! I’d just received a newsletter from the LA opera house, stating how the shows were sold out in Australia and met with spectacular response from the press there. I think performing pays off when the audience is just as happy to receive what you are giving. I’m glad the show was everything it was meant to be, plus more. I still think about that awesome graffiti art, what a dedicated city!!

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