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Bumblebee Loves You Mail


My Mom wrote to Bumblebee Loves You and told him that I liked his art and he sent this bee he painted in the mail.

He drew tiny bees on the envelope, too.

I don’t think I would like graffiti and street art if I didn’t do Einstein. I mean I have seen graffiti all over the world!

Hopefully, I can see the boy with the airplane on a wall somewhere when we go to Los Angeles next week.



One response to “Bumblebee Loves You Mail

  1. Happy October Jasper! Your parents are so cool, between the custom Batman poster and the art your mom got you, your always gonna have some little interesting tidbit no matter what Paulie Coconuts And just to think, almost a week from now I will be in LA to see the show, crazy! I wonder will you be at the ‘In Conversation’ panel they’re having early Saturday day at UCLA, that would be cool! Nevertheless, I am excited to see the performance Saturday night!

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